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Hello, my name is Juli. I am 27 yrs old. I am currently a Engaged mother & I have 1 child of my own, he is 3 & his name is Shane I also have a step son named Skyler, he is 10. I made a blog site so I can review different products such as food, toys, clothes, make-up, etc from different companies. I love to try out different things that's why I made a blog site so as I was saying I would love to have the opportunity to try different stuff from different companies. I am reviewing different stuff as it comes along in the mail. I think it's a great idea & that way I can refer people to buy your stuff in return & get your product out there. I would love the opportunity to do this if you would let me review some of your products of choice or something that I would like vise versa.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kid Stuff Coupon Book

A little about KidStuff
Our president Heidi Schiffman, (Masters in Social Work,
University of Pennsylvania), founded KidStuff in 1993. Her
mission was to create a "WIN" for schools, families, and
KidStuff has raised over $35 million for education and is sold exclusively through daycares, preschools, elementary, middle,
and high schools!
Schools earn 50% or more profit with no up-front costs or risks.
Throughout the 16 months that most KidSfuff coupons are valid, families quickly save more than the $25.00 cost of the book with
great coupons for shopping, family activities, and food!
Most of our employees have run a successful KidStuff fundraiser
at their own children's schools, and are able to offer valuable
guidance and service to over 4,000 schools that will raise
much-needed funds with KidStuff 2011-2012!

Neat isn't it?

My son's preschool started KidStuff as a fundraiser. They were raising money to buy them a new children's playground. We had so much fun showing off our book. Its different than the typical Entertainment Book. 
More practical coupons for kids.

We have used the Camden Aquarium since I took this photo.
That day was a blast and saved us some money, which we appreciated.
Some of the other coupons we have used are:
Who doesn't like to save money on oil changes?
Got to take care of that car you drive your kids in, right?
Now what kid doesn't like a happy meal?
The McDonald's section has 3 pages of this exact page.
We have now used most of the coupons for Mickey D's.
There are so many good coupons in the book.
Fashion Bug, Carter's, Kohl's, Rainbow, Super Markets, 
Five Below, and much much more.
We carry the book pretty much where ever we go. Especially on trips.
You can even buy different editions for different states. There are currently 15 editions,  Click Here to view different editions!

Pros: The ease of reading this coupon book. Everything is marked in a colored section with a easy alphabetic index. Perfect!  Helps when you are on vacation, we cut out coupons that were perfect just for our trip too use. 
Cons: More popular selections would be nice.  I figure Philadelphia Zoo would be in it, and it wasn't. But I hear they are changing and will be putting in what people have been asking for.
Would I recommend this product:  Yes! We love our book. I hope you do too!

If you are interested in finding out more about KidStuff, Click Here

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