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Hello, my name is Juli. I am 27 yrs old. I am currently a Engaged mother & I have 1 child of my own, he is 3 & his name is Shane I also have a step son named Skyler, he is 10. I made a blog site so I can review different products such as food, toys, clothes, make-up, etc from different companies. I love to try out different things that's why I made a blog site so as I was saying I would love to have the opportunity to try different stuff from different companies. I am reviewing different stuff as it comes along in the mail. I think it's a great idea & that way I can refer people to buy your stuff in return & get your product out there. I would love the opportunity to do this if you would let me review some of your products of choice or something that I would like vise versa.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012


About Us

Travalo is a small, airline safe perfume spray bottle.  Holds any where from 50 to 65+ sprays.  Its easy to fill and refill over and over. You can use any type of perfume, or body spray, even men's cologne. 

 Easy instructions.

Has a full size spray nozzle.

Has a shatterproof window so you can see how full your spray bottle is.

Comes in various sizes and colors.

Basic models cost $15.99

Roller Ball Models cost $25.60 (Blk in picture)
Elite Elegance cost $20.00  (Silver in picture)

The new Excel models

 These are cool. They hold 65+ sprays and come with a black carry case. 

I got the Roller Ball and the Elite elegance to review. I gave one to my mom to try out and I kept the other.  We both love that they fit right in our purses. They both are smaller then our cell phones. 
 When you go to fill it, Yes it is easy but also takes some getting the hang of.
Took about a min or two for a full bottle.  

We love them, matter of fact I bought two more for my friends.

Definitely recommend you try Travalo.

If you have any questions or comments, Contact Us

Direct Link Travalo 

I realize that the month of July is soon to be over.

I have a 50% off coupon for the month of July. please use code JM50.

I will try to get a code for August since It took me a little while to write the review.


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