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Friday, November 11, 2011

Lip Ink - Liquid Lip Color

A little about Lip Ink...

Our Mission:
It is Rose's intent to create a product so unique, so Powerful, so Revolutionary it empowers women from all walks of  life to experience the FREEDOM AND CONFIDENCE of wearing LIP-INK®  Wax Free Semi-permanent® Cosmetics LIP-INK® INTERNATIONAL will touch and enhance over 1 billion women's lives!

Our Vision:
"As an Inventor, I dream, aspire, desire and create in a way that supports women of all walks of life, with a special devotion to add the main ingredients of joy and magic into every product we create." - Rose Nichols

Our Philosophy:

Lip Diva and LIP-INK® International are aligned as one in shared fundamental beliefs, ethics, and intentions to provide guidance, foundation and structure to make decisions, that are safe, natural, healthy, recyclable, organic, kosher, renewable resource solutions that support our Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), 24-7, global, eco-friendly, world. It is our deepest desire to empower, inspire, and transform through awareness, to go beyond illusion with creative, enjoyable, breakthrough ideas.

We are a technology company, that self manufactures multi-patented, demonstratively superior, semi-permanent
® cosmetics that are guaranteed smearproof with over one million colors to chose from.

We offer an open invitation to our industry leaders or complementary
LOHAS lifestyles corporations, to join us through our technology licensing, in our quest for excellence.



That was the global reaction to the launch of LIP-INK® INTERNATIONAL by Rose Nichols. Back in 1995, inventor and mother, Rose Nichols created the world's original waxless, waterproof, smear proof, and ultra-durable, natural liquid permanent lip color. This unique product keeps the color where it belongs - on your lips.

Backed by multiple patents and industry awards, LIP-INK's liquid permanent lip color is today the superior leader in lip color. Currently available at hundreds of spas, salons, doctors' offices and retail locations worldwide...

Backed by multiple patents and industry awards, LIP-INK®'s liquid lip color is today the superior leader in lip color. Currently available at hundreds of spas, salons, doctors' offices and retail locations worldwide "It's new technology for semipermanent makeup. Other products claim they're smearless, long-lasting and liquid. However, ours is the only original, patented real liquid lip color. We do not even refer to our product as "lipstick" because it is not lipstick; it is the first lip color of its kind and proves what we claim."

Ten years on, Rose Nichols continues to handcraft an extraordinary lip color that, unlike lipstick, offers a time-saving, confidence-building solution for active women. Not only does our lip stain lipstick feel remarkably like bare skin, it is also beneficial to the lips. The revolutionary lip color speeds up natural lip exfoliation of dead skin cells - revealing softer, smoother, younger-looking lips in their natural state.

All of our products are made with no added preservatives, using pigments, 40 natural herbs and botanicals including goldenseal, chamomile, rosemary extract, seaweed, calendula extract, beta carotene, Vitamins E, C, B-5 (panthenol), 13 trace minerals, UVA and UVB protection and natural humectants. All ingredients meet U.S. FDA and CTFA cosmetic standards and guidelines. All our products are made in the U.S.A.
LIP-INK®INTERNATIONAL by Rose Nichols. Time to look and feel your very best.

(Coming straight from Lipink's Website)
To see the full "About Us" Please visit the website @ Lip Ink

Ok on to the fun stuff. :)

Recently, Lip Ink sent me a trial kit of the Liquid Lip Color.  It comes with 1 vial of color, for me I got the color called Rosewood, Its a tan meets purple. Nice color. Also comes with this OFF, which is a wipe to use on your lips to remove any oils or unwanted stuff and a Ultra-Moisturizing clear moisturizer aka kinda like a top coat. Comes with instructions on how to put on the semi-permanent lip color.

The Steps on Applying Lip Ink Liquid Lip Color

Always begin by purifying the lips with OFF Solution.
This not only cleanses but helps with the exfoliation process.
Splash with Water and pat dry.
If you usually line your lips, frame the lips with the Lip-Ink® Liner
(brush included).
Massage a small amount of
Shine Moisturizer into the lips
until thoroughly absorbed.
You are now ready to begin the colorization process, to create over one million guaranteed smearproof colors, by layering to suit your natural healthy lifestyle.
Blot the tip of your applicator on a tissue or dark cloth
Use ASESIOD (A Smooth Even Stroke In One Direction). This insures that your color goes on even Up to three layers. FEEL THE TINGLE This is the herbs, mints and botanicals. Finish with a layer of Lip Shine Moisturizer if desired.

Consumers in the passed have asked me to please list ingredients in products.
The following is for the trial kit liquid lip color ONLY!!

Because of the copy right laws I can not paste it here. 
Its also to long for me to list.
Please visit the Trial Kit Page on Lip Ink by clicking Trial Kit & Information

On to my opinion! YAY!

This product is WAY different than any Semi-Permanent product I have ever tried and I like that a lot. First its natural and eco friendly. Second it actually LASTS!! The colors are very nice. I like even the sparkle ones. 
Some people are a little lazy when there hear that there are steps to put this product on, but in all honesty it only takes the same amount of time to do this as your normal lip liner and lip stick. 
Added bonus, It TINGLES.. ooo :). Only when you put it on, just a sign of the natural herbs and botanicals working.
It actually lasts all day long. Even longer than those 12hour lip colors.

If you wanted to buy the liquid lip color, or to check out all of the 62 shades check it out Liquid Lip Color Vial
To check out Liquid Lip Liner
Lip Ink also has Eye shadows Eye ShadowGels
Liquid Eye Liners
a whole line of Lip Moisturizer Click Me
and much much more.

Remember to check out their Holiday Gift Sales 

Prices vary, but a vial of liquid lip color costs about $18.95 and lasts twice as  long as your lip stick. :) Take that Cover Girl!!

I definitely recommended this product to a few of my friend already.

I have no cons on this product. I wish the price was a little cheaper, but when I did the math, it would cost me twice as much for two of cover girls lip sticks when I would only have to buy one of Lip Ink, and it still lasts longer!!

So to conclude, I do indeed love this company & are very happy to have tested Liquid Lip Color in Rosewood.

So again, Please check them out!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to Carla@lipink.com
all emails are answered within 24hours monday to friday!

All Sales questions please contact colors@lipink.com

I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review!

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