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Friday, April 6, 2012

Skittles Vodka

(Alcohol Beverage)

By: Julianna H.

What is it?
  Pure Happiness! :)  By mixing your favorite vodka and your choice of skittles you make a perfect drink. Basically, every grown adults dream in a bottle. Don't let the fruity colorful drinks fool you, these babies pack a punch!

What do you need?
1 - 1.75 litre of your choice vodka.  (I will tell you that the better quality vodka tastes better)
                                          I used Skyy Vodka.
 Then you need one BIG BAG of Skittle. ( 2 of the next size down. You need about 150 skittles.. estimated)

 Now the last thing you need is small water bottles with labels removed. (Warning the smaller the bottle the more potent it is.)

Down the line you will also need:
- a mesh strainer
- about 5 coffee filters or paper towels
- 5 nice glass/plastic bottles to put your creation in... or you can leave it in the water bottles. like i did.


All you do is take your empty and dry water bottles and line them up. Seperate the colors of the skittles into the 5 bottles (purple, green, yellow, orange, red). If you don't do this step and you mix them together, you will get a very yucky mud color so I recommend taking the time to seperate all the colors. You will use up the whole bag so just keep filling those water bottles until you are out of skittles.

- You should have just enough vodka to fill to the top once all the skittles are in place in the bottles.

Place the bottles on a shelf that you can easily get too and shake every once in a while for a day or two or until all of the skittle pieces are dissolved. Please Note that there will be floating white flecks, This is what you will be straining out.

At the end of day two - three you want to strain your vodka. Simply use your mesh strainer lined with a coffee filter or paper towel. I found that pouring each mixture though the mesh strainer (slowly so you don't over flow.) I have and easier time doing it over a large measuring cup with pour spout, makes it easier to pour back in the bottles. You may have to switch out coffee filters a few times once they start to get full of the white candy flecks Which is why I started using paper towels.

Once a color has been fully strained (might take a few times) you can put it in your designated container. make sure to rinse out the measuring cup you use and start with a fresh coffee filter for each color so there isn't any mixing.

Once all five bottles are completed, you can store your new colorful spirits in the freezer. This tastes best by adding a few shots to glass of seven up or seltzer water. You can do shots, but they are going to be sugary so be prepared for that! Enjoy!

Between Prep and make time is about 45mins.
Wait time: 2 to 3 days.
Straining & Bottling time: 30mins.

Brings a whole new meaning to taste the rainbow!

Best thing about this.  You can make it for about $20.

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