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Hello, my name is Juli. I am 27 yrs old. I am currently a Engaged mother & I have 1 child of my own, he is 3 & his name is Shane I also have a step son named Skyler, he is 10. I made a blog site so I can review different products such as food, toys, clothes, make-up, etc from different companies. I love to try out different things that's why I made a blog site so as I was saying I would love to have the opportunity to try different stuff from different companies. I am reviewing different stuff as it comes along in the mail. I think it's a great idea & that way I can refer people to buy your stuff in return & get your product out there. I would love the opportunity to do this if you would let me review some of your products of choice or something that I would like vise versa.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tasty Paste Toothpaste

Tasty Paste

The Story behind Tasty Paste...

Dr. Janelle Holden's love of dentistry began when she was just a little girl, dreaming of becoming a dentist one day.
Her career in dentistry started as a Dental Hygienist, working in a successful pediatric dental practice in Beverly Hills, California. It is here where she heard her calling; provide the best dental care for the most important patients, children.
Dr. Holden returned to the University Of Southern California School Of Dentistry where she earned her dental degree. She then completed her post doctoral residency in Pediatric Dentistry at USC, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and Miller's Children's Hospital of Long Beach at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.
Dr. Holden now has a thriving practice in Manhattan Beach, California, devoted exclusively to the treatment of children, from infants to teens. She is dedicated to providing quality care for all children including apprehensive children and those with special needs.
Dr. Holden has found that when a child has an enjoyable, rewarding experience at their first dental visit, their entire dental life is positively affected. With that in mind, her goal is to provide a caring, fun environment which reflects her core philosophy to promote cavity prevention and help children to enjoy cavity free lives.
By working with children everyday, Dr. Holden has learned which flavors children respond to best when using toothpastes and prophy pastes. This understanding of children's favorite flavors has lead to the development of the Tanner's Tasty Paste line of toothpastes for children. If children enjoy the flavors of their toothpastes, it is likely they'll brush better and more often. And, if they brush better and more often, they'll have fewer cavities!
We hope that you and your family enjoy all of the Tanner's Tasty Paste toothpastes and products.

Recently, Tanners Tasty Paste sent my three products in the mail in return for a review on their products. 
I received Banilla Bling (Tastes like Vanilla ice cream), Cha-Cha Chocolate (Tastes like Chocolate ice cream), & Baby Bling.
I wanted to give each bottle a proper tasting and see the pro's and con's, with that said its taken me about 3 months to test.

My son is 3 years old, and has been by little helper.  He loves the Banilla Bling! He loves it more than the cha cha chocolate. :) I like that the flavor isn't over powering. It actually makes brushing fun. I sent the bottle of Baby Bling to my cousin, she has a baby at perfect age for that stage of Bling.  She is still giving it time, but noticed that her daughter loves the product more than regular toothpaste.

I have done recent reviews in the past, and readers have asked me if I could post the ingredients.

Instead of posting all the ingredients (its not a lot, just takes up a lot of space), Im going to do it a little different.

Each Bottle is cost effective, only is $6.00.
Cant beat that!

For more information please visit

To email them directly with any questions or comments

Pros: Cost effective, tastes amazing.

Cons: None

Would I recommend: Yes!

- Juli

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