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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge

For those of you who know I have been battling Obesity. 
Not fun. At 27 years old, In November of 2011 I weighed the most I had ever weighed in my life, 356 pounds. Even at six foot tall, I was extremely over weight.

I Challenge my self to lose 150lbs!!

The picture below was me last Christmas 2011.
My mother bought me those jeans for christmas, Size 30/32!
I had never been over a size 28. How depressing.

Time was ticking and it was time to lose weight not only for my self but for my now four year old son.

First things first. Start eating right. I cut out sugars, including Soda. Starting eating right, drinking water or water flavor's that had no sugars, no fat, low or no sodium, and little calories. No more late night eating. If I was to eat something late, it was something light.  I started eating more meals a day, but smaller portions. The days where I only ate 3 meals they where my protein days.

Next was join a gym and join with someone that would push me to do what i needed to do.

So, my boyfriend and I joined Toms River Fitness. My boyfriend new I wanted to be 250 pounds again, and He knows that he would be the only one to push me so we agreed to join together.  That place is awesome, even has a daycare that Shane can go to while I work out. At only $3 a day or $22 a month.

The gym itself is $49 a month. Most people are like your crazy. But the gyms like Planet fitness aren't like Toms River Fitness.  TRF has two pools. Tons of classes. A co-ed side and a womens only side, incase i feel like working out with only females one day and much more.

The part thats weird. I only just recently joined the gym.

From November 2011 at 356, to today August 19th 2012 I now weigh 303 pounds.

So far that's 53 pounds gone in 10 months.
Awesome, Ain't it?

For awhile I wasn't sure where the weight was coming off at, Then I started to notice the lower belly pouch I have was getting smaller. My hips weren't as wide as before. 

I wish I took my measurements before when I weighed more but here they are now, and as time goes by, when I update my blog, I will add new measurements.

as of today 8/19/2012

Neck: 15 1/2 inches
Chest: 46 1/2 inches
Stomach: 55 inches
Hips: 60 inches
Thighs: 30 1/2 inches
Biceps: 16 inches

They may not be right. Thats me doing it with a tape measure. I get my measurements taken next month at the gym so I will check them then.

I have been looking and testing and trying every natural weight loss suppliment out there. To give my weight loss a boost.
So far none have worked for me.
If any weight loss company see's this blog, and Is interested in letting me try your products, I will gladly return a review, for letting me try you product!!!

I took the picture below about a week ago.  Sorry for the belly, I was trying to show, that Im losing the weight but still had my stomach.  
Plus the pants I was wearing, fit me when I was 356 but now that im smaller, they are baggy and big.
I think i spent most of that day pulling them up.

 I been dealing with some horrible back pain. But its been getting easier as days go by. My doctor mentioned that it was my body re-aligning itself.

Its been a tough 10 months. But with hope I will lose the weight and live a happy life.

One major down fall. Though I have my eating habit under control. I seem to have picked up smoking more often. 

With one problem comes another.
I will be buying my electronic cigarette soon, AGAIN.
Yea i lost my first and second one.
With that, I should be able to cut back or even stop.

But for now, I am heading to bed. I have work tomorrow. Need my 7 to 8 hours of sleep. 

I will post more as time goes on.

UPDATE DEC 10th 2012!!
I'm now weighing 327.. Little down fall but its because i have not had time to go to the gym.. See they were right.. you must be consistant!

Hopefully in Jan I will start at a gym again..  Gotta get skinny for my wedding!

Yup you heard right, I got engaged over Thanksgiving!!

All Smiles

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